Butch Walker "Out Of Focus" Documentary Film at Nashville Film Festival

Wednesday April 25, 2012 - 34 months ago

Out Of Focus follows songwriter/producer/singer Butch Walker through his life and the recording process of his most-recent release, The Spade.

Directors Shane Valdes and Peter Harding capture rare and intimate moments with Butch’s family and band members, acquainting new fans with the musician’s music and introducing old fans to a side of him rarely seen by the public.

As an official selection of the Nashville Film Festival, Out Of Focus premiered on April 24th to a sold out audience that included Shane Valdes, Peter Harding, and Butch Walker.

A third screening of Out Of Focus has been added for tomorrow (April 26th) at 2:45pm in Nashville. Click here for details and ticket information.

Download The Spade – Butch Walker’s latest album with his band, The Black Widows.



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