Eulogies Post Wurlitzer Mix of "Better Than Nothing" for Free Download

Thursday July 28, 2011 - 47 months ago

Eulogies have posted an alternate version of the song “Better Than Nothing” done on the wurlitzer electric piano on their official website.

Songwriter/vocalist Peter Walker explains his methods for creating this new mix by saying, “I took the songs and stripped them all down to the basics: kick, snare and vocal. Then I replaced the guitars, using a wurlitzer electric piano, and went from there to come up with an entirely different look.”

Walker continues, “the album [Tear The Fences Down] ended up being so sonically rich and juicy it was a fun exercise to tear everything away and see what a different approach would bring to these songs.”

Download “Better Than Nothing (Wurlitzer Mix)” for free and look for the rest of the “wurlitzer mixes” to be released over the coming weeks.



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