Minus the Bear Premiere New Single, "Lonely Gun", Exclusively on RollingStone.com

Friday June 29, 2012 - 32 months ago

Lonely Gun Premiere on RollingStone.com

Minus the Bear‘s new single “Lonely Gun” – from Infinity Overhead, out August 28 on Dangerbird Records – is now premiering exclusively on RollingStone.com!

“‘Lonely Gun’ came out of a deep depression,” singer/guitarist Jake Snider tells Rolling Stone. “I was thinking about how lonely an unused gun must be, its purpose unfulfilled, like a loveless relationship. The only way to allow its purpose is to hold it – to use it.”

You can click here to listen to the track on RollingStone.com, and afterwards make sure and connect with Minus the Bear’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and let them know what you think!



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