T. Hardy Morris & Transistor Six Premiere "Audition Tapes" Music Video & Lomography Photos

Tuesday October 8, 2013 - 23 months ago

If you’re fearless at 14 you’ll likely be fearless as life continues. If you’re scared of life at 14, well, good luck I guess.” – T. Hardy Morris

T. Hardy Morris and the Austin, TX based independent film, art, and music collective Transistor Six are excited to present the incredibly sentimental and beautifully shot music film for “Audition Tapes”, the title track from Morris’ critically acclaimed debut solo album.

Watch video, explore photos, and listen to exclusive audio session at Transistor Six.

“We wanted the video to be pretty literal,” says Morris, “so we just recruited the boys from the local Austin band Residual Kid to essentially be themselves. We went to a skate park and a few other places around Austin that fit the theme. They were good sports about the video and are pretty fearless. I think they’ll be fine.”

Transistor Six co-founder Cory Llewellyn “Using vintage Super 8 cameras we wanted to have the story told in a home movie kind of way invoking memories versus being too literal. That nostalgic feeling also lends itself in the Lomography photos we shot with Hardy.”

This fall Morris will continue to tour in support of the album, playing shows with Jason Isbell, Television, Drive By Truckers, and along side Willy Mason and more at the Communion Records Nashville showcase. Click here for tour dates.



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