American Whip


“A music writer said we’re like a candy apple with a razor blade inside, which I think is a really great way to put it,” says Joy Zipper’s Tabitha Tindale.

Vinny Cafiso, the other half of Joy Zipper (and Tabitha’s other half in real life), admits that he “doesn’t like to give away too much” and says he and Tabitha are indeed “flowering it up a bit to hide the darkness underneath”…

Produced and mixed by Vincent Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale. Recorded at Vintab, NYC.

Track Listing

1. Sunstroke
2. Christmas Song
3. Baby You Should Know
4. 33x
5. Out Of The Sun
6. Drugs
7. Dosed And Became Invisible
8. Alzheimers
9. Ron
10. In The Never Ending Search For A Suitable Enemy
11. VSX
12. Vally Stream


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