Great Civilizations

CD, LP, Digital

Debut album from Skysaw, featuring acclaimed drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, DC-based singer Mike Reina and guitarist Anthony Pirog.

Written, Produced and Recorded by Skysaw
All lyrics written by Mike Reina
Engineered and mixed by Mike Reina at The Brink
Mastered by Steve Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering

Sleeve design and photography by Mike Reina and Justin Laskin
Layout by Mike Reina and Rory Wilson

Track Listing

1. No One Can Tell
2. Capsized Jackknifed Crisis
3. Tightrope Situation
4. Serrated
5. Am I Second
6. Nothing's Ever Easy
7. Tracey Janey Girl
8. Great Civilizations
9. All I Hear Is Snow
10. Sad Reasons



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